The company was founded in 1961 in Ag. I. Renti, on the subject of production and trade of adhesives. The founders of the company started their small industry and soon their skills made them to stand out in the emerging market back then.

Important steps in the company's evolution where first of all the acquirement of its own professional housing at 1976 in Agios Rentis in a covered space of 1750 sq.m., second the creation of a state-of-the-art production factory as well as exports throughout the Arab world with relentless search efforts and consolidation of new markets.


Then, in 1980 the company cooperates with a leading european company of hotmelt production and imports the new product dominating the Greek market.

Today and after 60 years of continuous presence in the Greek market, A. Elliniadis S.A., due to the technique training, specialization in full range of products as well as the professionalism of the company, holds a strong position in adhesive applications.

The company respecting the needs of customers and the trust they have shown, wants to provide prompt and reliable services, so pays special attention to competitiveness of products in relation to their efficiency.

At the same time, the forecasts on future market needs have led the company to constant search for new perspectives, new systems and therefore new partnerships, to provide always the latest in technology and materials. With the production of products that meet the full range of modern units requirements manages to ensure security for its customers.

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